Here’s the thing, schnookums. Diva is not a professional. I haven’t a Doctorate in Drama nor a Masters’ in Misery.

What I do have, however, is a boatload of compassion, a wealth of common sense, uncanny insight and – thankfully – objectivity. The well-padded shoulder doesn’t hurt, either.

These skills suffice in some instances, but we all know that an online advice column is no substitute for tangible, real-time support. You can be assured that I will inform you when I don’t feel qualified to handle a question. If you are afraid of hurting yourself or someone else, please talk to a trusted friend, family member or neighbor and seek the help of a professional in your vicinity. You might also check out the myriad resources of The Trevor Project.

While advice is given with the best of intentions, the authors and publishers of this site assume no responsibility for your actions or the results of them.

And now, please peruse the links in the sidebar to your right for more detailed and specific help on a wide variety of topics!

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