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What Would Jesus Do?

Q: I’m 38 & just going through separation after 11 mostly miserable years of marriage. After many years of questioning my own sexuality (before & during the marriage) I’ve fallen head over heels for a girlfriend who’s also been through divorce. She’s a great support, we enjoy being together when we can. At a conference earlier in the year we ended up late one night kissing one another – and I’m not talking a peck on the cheek. Next morning she said ‘no, it wasn’t a mistake, I am attracted to you’. Bingo! But we are both in leadership roles in different churches and in a long and painful conversation later that day she said she felt we couldn’t develop the relationship without risking both our careers. We still meet up for long conversations and short hugs at the end of the evening. I’m pining away because I still want more. What do I do?
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