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Scorn Porn?

Q: ok, random question but ive just come out (yay!) at the grand old age of 25 after years of feeling hugely suppressed I feel amazing! my only question is this and it probably sounds daft…. how much porn is … Continue reading

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Bed Death – It’s Not Just for Lesbians Anymore!

Q: I’ve been in a relationship with a great guy for 7 1/2 years. He’s a great guy, my gets friend and enjoy spending my time with him. We love each other very much. Sex is a problem. The last … Continue reading

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Braking in Advance

Q: I am a lesbian and me and this girl like each other a lot. We want to get together and go out. But we are afraid if we were to go out and then something bad happens and we … Continue reading

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On the Shelf

Q:I have been w/ my gf for 9 mo. We’re in love & the sex is great…BUT this is her first time with a girl (we’re both 21) and it freaks her out. She wants to go on a break until we graduate college in May because her friends give her shit, should I wait?
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That’s Bull, and I ain’t Lion!

Q: Hi,I’m a Leo (7/31/71) and have recently met a Taurus (4/25/68) that has left me a bit confused. In person she doesn’t communicate very much and leaves me feeling like she has no interest in me. Yet, on the phone she is better and we seem to have a good connection. I’m trying to be patient and have asked her if everything is okay. She acts as if she’s fine and wonders why I would ask that (I don’t want to anger her by pressing the issue). Any advice will be much appreciated! Thanks.
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KY Runs Dry

Q: How can I meet women? I tried everything; placing and searching ads in the newspaper and the internet, going to gay bars I’ve even approached women and have gotten rejected. I’m feeling very sad right now and need advice. I live in Louisville KY.
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Basic Instinct

Q:A couple years ago I left an unhappy marrige. During the last couple of months I saw a woman, who I devloped feelings for. I never went past base one because – of that gut feeling – and things did not add up that she was saying. When the eve came to due the deed I was flighty my nerves were bouncing off the walls- Only to find when it came time too have sex basically there was no romance, only on display a dental dam plus long Qtips and some metal sticks by her bed. I thought- I am just a notche and did not stay. Weeks after that we met again and worked out things it looked like everything was going good- expt. she wanted me to leave hubby to be close with her. So I worked up the nerve to try for a new life. When I met with her she told me “Im sorry. I give so much and never get back- I just wanted someone to give everything up for me for once.” I was – numb – I forgive but can not forget- I am not attracted to men.. However I am scared to death of woman – Im am scared to have that heart break again -. During my divorce I came out to my parents and siblings and they are fine. My qustion is where should I start I do not want a one night stand, I want my first time to be romantic, and remberable with someone that wants more than just sex.. Please point me in the right direction- and key signs to watch out for . Thank you
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Not Bi-ing It

Q:I am a 24 year old married woman (I have been married to my husband for a year and a half). I recently realized I have been ignoring my feelings towards women aside for many years and now don’t know what to do about them. I feel as though I can never be complete with a man. I have an emptiness inside that I can no longer handle. I’ve never been with a woman but know that is what I am missing in my life. I have expressed these feelings to my husband and as expected, he didn’t take the news well. I have decided, for his sake, to push these feelings down again and continue to hide from them. I know what I am doing is wrong, I know I am living a lie but how can I leave my husband on a whim? What happens if I leave him, experiment with women and find I was wrong? Could it be that I am a true bisexual who strongly believes in monogamy but will never be satisfied with one partner?
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Letting Go of the Gone

Q: I was wondering what to do about this girl that I gave a year and a half of my life too. I met her 1 night at a club and she had a gf at the time but we still danced and it was awesome, it was 1 of those movie moments….you know like time stood still kind of thing. we actually started dating a few months after that, to give a small background she was telling me that her and her gf were no longer together, but they were.
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Mama Said There’d be Gays Like This

Q: My girlfriend and I have been together for five years, we live together, are totally in love and partners in every sense. We are also ‘out’ to everyone – family, friends and jobs – for two years now and everyone has been accepting and awesome about it (including my girl’s family). My family is fine about it — except for my mom.
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