That’s Bull, and I ain’t Lion!

Q: Hi,I’m a Leo (7/31/71) and have recently met a Taurus (4/25/68) that has left me a bit confused. In person she doesn’t communicate very much and leaves me feeling like she has no interest in me. Yet, on the phone she is better and we seem to have a good connection. I’m trying to be patient and have asked her if everything is okay. She acts as if she’s fine and wonders why I would ask that (I don’t want to anger her by pressing the issue). Any advice will be much appreciated! Thanks.

Diva Says: First, let me apologize for the question title. It couldn’t be avoided.
Now, down to business.
One of the Leo’s gifts is communication. Moreso, congruent communication. This means that, for a lot (though not all) Leos, there is little pause between self-knowing and self-expression. In laymans terms (though, mighty Leo, we know you don’t need them – but put up with it so those of us who don’t know can understand) ;) – this means, very simply, that you know yourself, you know how you feel about things almost instantly as they happen, and you’re very good at TALKING about how that feels to you.
What’s important to remember, Leo, is that this is not as common as one might think. (Yes, another way that you’re rare and precious)
The Taurus is stoic and stubborn, and in some ways, blessedly simplistic. Patient and reliable, warmhearted and loving…A rock. What this can mean is that, for Leo, who sees the world in fiery reds and oranges, with endless possibilities and plummeting depths to be explored — the Taurus’ slow and steady earth-toned strides towards both heights and depths, can seem frustrating.
If she communicates with you well from a distance, let that happen. She might be slow to warm up in person, but that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. It may just mean that you, in your glorious presence, are overwhelming. Or that she has a larger spread of priorities than you do at this moment, and hasn’t the energy she needs to push herself to as many layers of intimacy as you’re ready for.
Patience with your prey, mighty Lion. If you note no progress in a reasonable amount of time, revisit. For now, do what you can to enjoy her on the level she’s present and see where that takes you!

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  1. Camille says:

    i am kind of in the same situation. my girl is in the closet so we dont really talk in public but on the ohone its “oh baby i love you” and all that crap. i think that u should just let her come out or talk to u when she is ready.