KY Runs Dry

Q: How can I meet women? I tried everything; placing and searching ads in the newspaper and the internet, going to gay bars I’ve even approached women and have gotten rejected. I’m feeling very sad right now and need advice. I live in Louisville KY.

Diva Says: Ohhhh, sugarplumb. Don’t be disheartened. She may be the proverbial needle in your southern haystack, but she’s out there somewhere. Hell, your state has a line of lube named after it — you know there are queers.
2 clicks into a search for “lesbian louiseville ky” I found this! A few clicks more and I found this!
Be resourceful. Think outside the box. Volunteer. If Louisville isn’t the most progressive KY town, take a road trip come the weekend and branch out. Don’t get sad, Get Laid! ;)
Don’t forget the KY, KY! (And gloves, too!)

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