Letting Go of the Gone

Q: I was wondering what to do about this girl that I gave a year and a half of my life too. I met her 1 night at a club and she had a gf at the time but we still danced and it was awesome, it was 1 of those movie moments….you know like time stood still kind of thing. we actually started dating a few months after that, to give a small background she was telling me that her and her gf were no longer together, but they were. they really did break up and we did our thing and then i left for basic training (don’t ask, mistake)we were fine during that time but then things changed, she first slept w/ her ex b/c her ex started seeing someone and she wasn’t comfortable with losing control of her ex then she slept with her ex’s best friend who is a guy, she is currently with this guy,but they don’t see each but like every 6 wks. during all this she was still talking to me like nothing was wrong. her ex and i are really good friends now and she called me to inform me about the guy, and apparently she, meaning my ex, was not even going to tell me about the guy she told her (her ex) that when i got home she was just going to act like nothing happened, but her ex thought that was crappy so she told me. to make a long story longer, i get home and we start right back up like nothing happened…..the whole time she is still talking to the guy but doesn’t tell me and then she tells me that we are getting too close and that i’m better off without her b/c i deserve better, she is probably right but we can’t seem to let each other go….

Diva Says: Sugardoll, I hate to break it to you, but your baby is already gone but for the leavin’. She’s already slept with two people (that you know of) without breathing hide-nor-pubic-hair of it to you.
Communication obviously isn’t a strong suit between you or you would have brought this up with her yourself. Instead, you are both pretending that nothing’s wrong — and there’s a huge elephant, with a clown-hat, red rubber nose and big floppy shoes juggling monkeys in the room with you, and you two just walk right on around it on your way for a sleepy midnight snack.
So, where, in all these lies, is the truth of your love for one another? What are you holding on to? Let’s go, sweetness. Let go.

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