Lez get it owwwwnnn…

Q: well i think about women all the time and im straight.i have this bestfriend that I think is bi-curious and I want to just caress her body just feel a women once, should I make a move or just say something to her????

Diva Says: Well dear, before you start lighting candles and spinning Barry White CD’s… I would suggest a little bit in the way of conversation. Sex changes everything, no matter who you are. If you change the dynamics of the relationship, something is bound to give… Now, what it gives way to is an unknown… It could be better, it could be worse… but be prepared for either.
If you know positively that your friend is bi-curious, then you should begin to find out if she’s ready to act on it. Bring her into conversations about the topic and, for the lack of a better term, “feel her out”. You don’t want to rush her, and you don’t want to get in the way of her current life choices. Take into account her current relationship status. Is she single? If not, is she happy in her relationship? If she’s involved with someone, and happy being so, I recommend leaving it at that unless she, specifically, asks you not to.
Attraction can be a selfish thing sometimes, completely overriding any and all common sense. The sad part is, we often confuse attraction for love… when love is truly just the opposite of the desperate clingings of a passionate suitor(ette). Think first. Talk second. Act last. Those are my words of advice. I wish you luck.

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