Q: Ok, there is this woman that I am very much drawn to. I’d like to think that there could be something between us. She just gets me, I don’t know what it is. I just dont know how to approach her. I’m a pretty confident woman, but, I’d really like to see something happen between us. Any ideas on how to win her heart or attention? :) Thanks so much for your time and advice! I appreciate it a million! :)

Diva Says: Well now, dear… being that I’m missing a bit of key information… (i.e. – Is this woman a lesbian? Bi curious? Straight and married? etc…) I’ll make due with some ‘advice in general’. Forgive me if I make incorrect assumptions.
I find that the best way to approach a situation where there are heavy emotions on one side and an enormous question mark on the other is to begin the formulation of a friendship.
Friendship is the foundation of any love relationship… and I assume you have the basis of a friendship now considering you know enough of her to feel drawn to her (though these days, it doesn’t take much) so build on that. Invite her for coffee, get a group of friends together for a movie and invite her to join the crowd, ask her to accompany you to holiday festivities… ’tis the season, y’know. Be social, be friends, and see what does or doesn’t blossom.
The most important part of this equation is the potential. The potential to be friends. The potential to be more than friends. The potential to spill Egg Nog down the front of your shirt and make an enormous ass of yourself. But if this is to become something more with this woman, you won’t be any the lesser for the time you’ve spent getting to know her. And, if nothing more comes from it, well… you have a new friend. Pretty simple, eh? I wish you luck! Let us know how it pans out.

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