Club Flub

Q: I met this girl at a bar we really hit it off. We talked on the phone a few times it was really great. So she asked me to meet her at a club one night I did, when I got there she was so happy and gave me all of her attention. After about an hour of a lot of fun and dancing she began to act like I was not there. She walked me to the coat check and told me she did not want a relationship and that she was really sorry. I told her that I understand and I was not looking for a relationship either. Well my question is I have not heard from her would it be ok for me to call her or am I going to look like a freak?

Diva Says: Well, it sounds to me like something happened inside that hour or so to change her mind. If, like you said, she was enthusiastic in her greeting of you and seemed genuinely interested in spending some time with you… and then suddenly changed her mind and behavior.. I’d say she either has multiple personalities, a fickle style of romance or found something in the evening displeasing to her.
Examine your actions; Were you clingy? Did you demand her attention or did she give it willingly? Were you at ease or nervous? Were you too touchy-feely? If the answer to these questions is no, then you’re probably better off not calling her at all… for your own benefit! She sounds pretty confused, or worse – genuinely fickle.
If the answer is yes… well, maybe your styles of dating are just too different. Either way, I’d move on. It sounds like a date gone bad, either way you stack it.
Good luck!

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