HomeWrecker 101

Q: Me and this girl used to like each other and then we kinda lost touch a bit and she’s now seeing this guy whom I’m pretty sure she really likes. I still really like her a lot. We never did anything together but hold hands and cuddle. Shes so hot and I feel really heartbroken. Were both kinda shy and it was hard to make the first move. When ever I see her I get butterflies in my stomach and when I think about her too. Were still friends but not as close (different schools and stuff). I would really kinda like to tell her that I still like her and want to fool around but hmmm. How would I go about subtly letting her know how i feel?

Diva Says: Well, darling… if you’re really her friend, you won’t tell her a thing about what you’re feeling, subtly or otherwise. She’s in a happy relationship. Why would you want to ruin that for her? D
on’t be selfish… put the shoe on the other foot? Say you found the woman of your dreams, and along comes she whom you’ve hardly spoken to in ages, with the sole purpose of destroying your relationship just so she can fool around with you a little bit? Have a heart. Move on.

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