The Morning After

Q: i went to a club and rolled on e and i ended up hooking up with my best friend . now is it like when you hook with a guy is it going to be weird tomorrow and who will i talk to about it . and i liked it alot and she did too cause she told me ….will everything be cool ?

There’s no way for me to tell you the answer to that question. It depends on both of your levels of maturity. The only way it would be weird is if
1) you don’t communicate about it.
2) you communicate *too much* about it.
Be calm, rational, recognize that she is still the same person she was before you ‘hooked up’, and you are still the same person you were before you ‘hooked up’, and the relationship is fundamentally the same. You can take it and progress on last night if she is willing, or you can chalk it up to a night of adventure and continue on with business as usual. Be cool, calm and natural. The rest will follow.
Good luck!

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