Between the Lines

Q: is there any possibility that a girl would like a girl and not wanting to tell her, bacause of the society or something else. Im Asking that coz im in love with a girl for about 2 years and she has made some moves, but when i told her that i was in love she just said “im flattered”! And that was all. U think she just wants to play with me?

Diva Says: Moves… that’s a very generic term. Moves can mean many things. If she’s kissed you, (on the lips) in a romantic fashion… that’s a very blatant move. If she’s simply been physically affectionate, that can be evidence of nothing more than a very close friendship.
Reading between the lines is dangerous, especially since women are hard to read that way. Your thoughts can be clouded by the desire for her actions to mean something more than they actually do.
Whatever her reasons for sticking to “I’m flattered” – it’s something you must respect. She knows how you feel now. The ball is in her court. If she loves you in a more romantic way, I’m sure that time will give her courage. If not, you’ve got a good friend… and that’s equally as important.
Good luck!

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