Q: I am in a 11 year lesbian relationship (33 years old) and have met another woman(34 years old) ONLINE who is in a 15 year lesbian relationship. We have been carrying on an affair for a year via ONLINE and phone calls everyday, but have never met. Both of us are totally in love and are planning to met within the next 3 months. We have even planned on leaving our current wives (obviously something is missing from both our relationships) once we meet and make sure we are physically compatible. We have never met but LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. Am I crazy for even thinking of leaving my girlfrind of 11 years for a woman I’ve never met? I love her heart, mind and soul……

Diva Says: Seems to me, dear, that you’ve already left your girlfriend of 11 years in all the ways that truly matter. She doesn’t have your respect, your faithfulness, your undivided attentions, your heart or your mind. All that’s left is the packing and the truth.

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2 Responses to CyberCheating

  1. Kellie says:

    Don’t do it. You are being selfish and obviously throwing yourself into this online thing more than trying to save a relationship. Work on your relationship first. If it doesn’t work out then pursue other things. Shame on you for looking while being in a relationship.

  2. Chili says:

    You seem to want to have your cake and eat it too. You should leave your 11 year old girlfriend and THEN see if your compatible with this surreal cyber girlfriend you’ve got. Since you’re sticking to your long term relationship and sitting and waiting to see what happens with the other it’s obvious you want the best of both worlds. How would you like it if your partner did that to you? Breaking off a relationship, especially one you’ve been in for so long, is difficult but what you’re doing shows no respect for your partner of 11 years and guess what? It shows no respect either for yourself or a future relationship with this cyber girl. Stop the fantasy and get real.