Coming Out as Bi

Q: I am BI-sexual. I know this, and that is the problem, I am the only person who knows that I am. I really would like to tell my friends but I am really afraid that they are going to freak out. Plus I really don’t know how to tell them. Please help!! I am tired of keeping this a secret but I am not sure how to approach the situation.

Diva Says: It’s always hard coming out, but you’ll find that the people who are truly your friends, after some initial jitters, may truly surprise you with their acceptance. There is always the chance that someone may have a harder time dealing with it than others, and if you look inside yourself, you probably already know who will and who won’t.
The important thing is to not apologize for it when you come out. Present it as something you’re proud of, something that is a part of you and something that you embrace. If you present it in a positive light, it won’t be as hard for them to accept. We all set the “tones” for our conversations, whether we realize it or not. You can have an amazing amount of impact on the behavior of those around you if you simply present things in a way that makes it easy for them to accept.
“Guess what!? I just figured out something that is going to make my life so much easier. I’m bi-sexual! Isn’t that fantastic? That means I have the whole world as my oyster – I can fall in love because I love the person, and not their gender! It’s an amazing gift!”
Good luck!

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3 Responses to Coming Out as Bi

  1. Jill says:

    I know exactly how you feel. Up until about 2 months ago i have kept my bisexuality a secret for about 5 to 6 years. It was extremely difficult but keeping it hidden was tearing me apart. It is so much easier now since my friends and family know. It is hard to tell the first person, but it does get easier. True friends will NOT care either way. Good Luck and don’t ever feel that you’re alone because that is one thing that i have learned is that there are other people who are going through similar things

  2. anonymous says:

    Okay i dunt noe how old u are or nothing and Unlike the girl above i haven’t known about myslef for very long but i still noe how u feel i am in the 8th grade *13 almost 14* and what i did to come out to my friends was i picked one of the friends that when i am around them i feel comfortable with being myself so i picked this girl and told her and she was realli good with it and i got her to tell another girl that i was kind of on the ropes about because like me she is catholic and she was fine with it and then i got her to help me tell her cousin who also goes to our school.I dunt want to scare u or none but unfortunately there are pros and cons about coming out with me the cons with coming out was i am part of a big a skewl filled with big mouths so word got around and most people in my school know but i am only in middle school if u are in high school it is so much easier because u can enter a GSA if u got one or a GLBT if u got one.

  3. Jenn says:

    when you tell that first person it tends to get easier… first person i told was my fiancee at the time and he was understanding… he told me he figured it for a while and was worried why i was unhappy… i told one of the hardest people to come out to… it was so much easier to come out to everyone else including my family… if they love you enough they will understand… i am still great friends with my ex fiancee, he’s like my best friend…