Whole Lotta Lube’in Goin On

Diva has a Guest Columnist this month… MizScarlet, Heather Corinna from the fantastic Scarleteen.com! Diva wisely called upon the vast knowledge base of Ms. Corinna to answer this very important question. See below.

Q: I have been out for a few months, still no relationship, but I started to masturbate, I didn’t do that when I was ‘straight’ the point is when I cum, I emit a LOT of liquid. It’s not piss, cos it dosn’t have a smell but I’m worried about what will happen when I get a girlfriend. Should I tell her, how do I bring up the subject, when do I bring it up? Am I normal, does this happen to anyone else or is it just me? HELP!

Heather Says: Orgasm of any sort is directly related to sexual arousal. Without arousal, orgasm just can’t happen. So, it’s entriely likely that simply by allowing yourself to accept and embrace your own sexual identity, you are far more sexually excited and more readily aroused than you were before you came out, which would also explain why you’re now comfortable masturbating and inclined to masturbate.
Female ejaculation varies. Most commonly, simple vaginal “wetness” during arousal or during and after orgasm is basic vaginal lubrication. When you become aroused, the vagina “sweats” in its own way, to put it in laymans terms as best I can. That sort of lubrication isn’t consdered to be an ejaculation, per se, because it is gradual and also occurs for other reasons than sexual arousal. In general, basic vaginal lubrication is the conistency of egg-white, and does not tend to flow in large amounts.
What you’re describing is likely an ejaculation from the urethral sponge, sometimes due to direct or indirect stimulation of the G-Spot or Grafenberg Spot, which is located a few inches inside your vaginal canal, towards your abdomen, not your back. If you insert your own hand in your vagina, with your fingers slightly curled, you can feel it — it feels more sponge-like and roughly textured than the rest of your vagina. Often it is stimualted directly, either by fingers or a dildo insdie the vaginal canal, but strong clitoral and other forms of genital stimulation can also affect the G-Spot.
Many women, when and if they ejaculate in this way, are mortified if they don’t know what it is, because they tend to mistake it for urine. It is, however, not urine, as analyzation of that fluid shows. Like what you have described, it tends to be produced in more copious amounts than more typical vaginal lubrication, has no distinct odor, is clear and if often very liquid, like urine. It is, in fact, very similar on some levels to male ejaculation.
I can assure you you have nothing to worry about — ejaculating isn’t a dirty litttle secret, or something to be embarassed about. It is a wonderful, beautiful and fantastic feeling — oh, you know that already. It is something many women aspire to do, and many partners would LOVE to experience with a partner. It is also not as rare as many people tend to believe, especially when a woman has really gotten a handle on how to be sexually aroused and/or orgasmic. It isn’t just you, by any means, and it’d be ducky if everyone could harness that ability.
In terms of telling potential parters, beware! Telling a potential partner that you can freely ejaculate in copious amounts may cause them to want to disrobe you on the spot and bring you home to bed as soon as is humanly possible to delight in your orgasmic ejcaulations. Take that as either warning or incentive, whichever you like. :) – Heather Corinna

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One Response to Whole Lotta Lube’in Goin On

  1. H. says:

    I’m pretty much like the woman here, must admit the first time it happened…it was time to change the sheets.
    The thing is, I haven’t and most likely won’t tell future partners about this, because it hasn’t seemed to happen with any of them.
    Alone I can create a river, with someone…I can just about create the remains of a coffee cup.