I think I’m Bi

Q: im a teenage girl……..i think im bi-sexual…….i was wondering if i should ask this chick out who i know to be a full fledged lesbian out? if i do everyone will know about me……im not sure if i want that….

Diva Says: Well, first – you should find out if you even actually like this girl before you make any moves. Sometimes, in our haste to “experience” things, we forget that the object of our curiosity actually has some real feelings behind their mystique. If you ask her out, simply out of curiosity and then figure out she’s not your type – you may create some confusion for her. Conversely, you could find out you really like her and things could be beautiful. Or – she could say no. The possibilities are endless, and you have no control over the outcome of this if you take that first step. What you do have control over, however, is making the first move… so be wise.
As far as everyone “knowing about you”… that’s a big decision and one I can’t help you with. A great deal of it should depend on the levels of open-mindedness in the kids around you. And, if you’re not out to your parents, and uncomfortable at the thought of being so, be careful. Word can get back to your family and create some uncomfortable situations for you. Remember that you don’t have to actually be with someone to know if you’re bisexual or not. The levels of your attraction to another person can define that for you before you take any action. Listen to your heart, and your budding libido, and try not to fling yourself out of the closet before you, yourself, are ready for it.
Good luck!

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