Best Friends and Broken Hearts

Q: Kay…..I’m in love with my bestfriend and she knows this!!!! We’ve done alot of physical stuff together, but she says that she’s not sure if she wants a relationship. Now she likes this new girl and might decide to attempt a relationship with her and it’s completely making me so sad. I don’t know what to do. We’ve been bestfriends for a while. What can I do to make the pain go away? I don’t want to stop being her friend but everytime I see her I want to cry. Please help.

Diva Says: Ouch… Oh, sweetness… I feel for you. What a tough situation to be in. I can’t imagine!! All I can tell you is this: You can’t choose her path for her. It may be hard, but you have to face the fact that this may be a relationship that will never come to pass. If she’s told you that she’s not ready for a relationship, and yet attempts a relationship with another, it’s safe to assume that she’s not being completely honest with you. Actions speak louder than words, and her actions speak that she’s ready, but she’s not ready for you. It’s so hard. I know. I hate saying that to you. But it’s best that you face it now and try to move on. Your only other choice is to wallow in it and torment yourself day in and day out with wanting what you can’t have.
Take a step back. Get some distance between you and your pain. If that means taking a break from her, do it. It’s in your best interests to do so, sweets. If she’s going to move on with this other girl, it’s just going to be more painful for you. Be grateful that you know this now, rather than later when you may be further involved with her. Find someone who will let you be enough.
Good luck.

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