Prom with “The Man”

Q: My school won’t let me bring my girlfriend to my prom. What do i do?

Diva Says: Hmm — well, if she’s a student there, they can’t stop you. They may not sell you a couple’s ticket, but you can both purchase “stag” tickets and show up together. Granted, it’s unfair and it’s oppressive and it bites in ten thousand ways, but if you can get past the politics and enjoy one another, I say go for it.
If she’s *not* a student there, that can be an issue. Do you have any gayboy friends at your school? If so, perhaps you can each bring the other’s date officially, and swap once you arrive. Even a straight but dateless male friend can help you out — You go “stag”, he brings your girlfriend and he plays the martyred wall flower for an evening and enjoys the satisfaction of “helping the cause”.
On such short notice, there really isn’t much you can do politically — but if you’re not a senior, I’d suggest rallying together other queer students and working year-round next year to ensure that queer couples will be allowed the same rights as others in Proms to come.
And, if you’re feeling progressive this year, you could rally up some queer friends and stage your prom protest outside of the school on the night of prom. Bring your portable CD Players, dance, laugh and have a good time while holding your own prom right outside the building.
There are a thousand ways you can make this work — but most of all, make it a night that you do something good for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve the same rights as others and don’t, for one second, believe that you are a second-class citizen. They are mislead. They are wrong. So if they won’t make your night special for you – make it special for yourself.
Let us know how it goes!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Have someone else bring her like a guy you know. Or you guys can just buy single tickets. Unless she doesn’t go to school with you.–