Sticks & Stones

Q: So this girl left me a couple of months ago and I can’t get her off my mind. I think about her constantly and she says I make her sick to her stomach. I really think she was the one and I loved her like I’d never been hurt before. I don’t take relationships lightly, but do you have some advice for a wounded romantic?

Diva Says: Sick to her stomach? Ouch. Sounds like a nasty break. With that kind of abusive language, it’s a wonder to me you still manage to have thoughts of her at all that don’t involve the use of a blunt instrument.
My advice is probably going to sound familiar to you. Time heals. It’s really all you can do. Wait it out and spend the time you’re healing investing in your own happiness. Date yourself. Do things. Don’t sit home and pine. Make friends. Go out. See shows. Find happy. (INNER HAPPY)
Whatever you do, do your best to sift through the wreckage, find the good, toss the bad, and leave as much of the baggage behind (do the work) before your next relationship so you can enter into that healthy, happy and ready to love like you’ve never been hurt before again.
Good luck!

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