God Forbid She’s Healthy

Q: Please help I’ve been in a state of confusion for a few years now, I find myself not attracted to one particular gender. What I find attractive is a person’s personality and their looks, gender isn’t a main factor when it comes to me beening attracted. Does this mean that I’m bi or am I just totally outta touch with myself and totally confused??

Diva Says: Well, darlin’ — to me, it sounds like you may actually be… *GASP OF HORROR*… a sexually mature human being who is progressive enough in her thought patterns to see that the value of a person doesn’t lie in their pants, but in their heart, mind and soul!
Don’t question it. There’s nothing to “fix”. Enjoy it and don’t let anyone box you in. It’s wonderful to be that non-stereotypical. Labels are for food. Be yourself.
Good luck!

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One Response to God Forbid She’s Healthy

  1. Mysti Skye Niermann says:

    Here it is, plain and simple: THE GENDER BINARY SUCKS ASS. What I mean is, people are forced into all these sorts of categories just because of what’s between their legs, and it really is totally unfair and leaves a lot of great people out in the cold. Who gives a shake about gender? (well, plenty of people do, but that doesn’t mean everyone should) Love for pure reasons, and you’ll find where your heart belongs, gender be damned.