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Welcome to Diva Knows Best: Anonymous advice column for the Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans and all other bright variations of our colorful queer community.

Hello BabyDoll!

Well now, Dyke Drama isn’t just a catch phrase anymore, is it? …It’s a harsh reality, and no one knows that better than I. Oy! And you gay boys have a little drama of your own, now don’tcha?

So here I am, ladies & gents. Give me your poor, your tired, your completely neurotic masses. I’ll take alllll that melodrama, remove emotion and libido, apply common sense, empathy and a bit of humor, and give it back to you in a far less intimidating package.

Sometimes we know it’s not the end of the world… but it still feels that way. I’m here to remind you otherwise.

Now, don’t think that compassion makes me soft. I’ll certainly not go easy on you. A word to the wise: If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask me the question. Sometimes I’ll be gentle. Sometimes I won’t. But, rest assured. I’ll always have your best interests in mind, I’ll always be honest and I’ll always be fair. That much you can rely on.

That having been said… let’s begin! Click on the categories to your right to view past advice by topic. Or click the archives to see all the questions answered in a given month!

And you know you’ve got issues too, sweet meat. So drop me a line and get it off your chest. That’s what Diva is for.

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